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Disc. Committee and Commission on Judicial Conduct Be Corrupted?55. Subpoena Planned for Judge Garaufis56. No Negotiations for Justice...Justice is Owed!57. Will Attorneys Sign Affirmation?58. Am I Finally Being Taken Seriously?59. Evidentiary Hearing is Scheduled!60. Amy Feinstein Refuses to Prosecute!61. Robert Juceam's Useless Excuses62. Appellate Brief pages 24 to end63. No Justice -- No Peace!64. Happy Birthday My Beautiful Angel65. Are You A Victim of A Green Card Marriage Scam?66. End Green Card Marriage Sponsorship67. How to Report an Immigration Scammer and the Attorney68. Is The End Finally in Sight?69. Will Appellate Division Justices Decide Fairly?70. What Will NYSCJC's Response Be?71. How Will NYSDDC Respond?72. Will Obama's Administration Coerce Helpless Schvartze's Silence73. Will U.S. Department of State's Secretary Rise To The Challenge?74. Eugene Uzamere Calls It Quits75. Bigot Judge Sunshine Continues Courtroom Corruption76. Schvartze's Complaints Still Ignored By Appellate Division's White Judiciary77. More Talmudic Bias and Anti-Schvartze Racism At SDNY78. Senator Uzamere...You Are The Husband!79. Will U.S. Solicitor General Office Look On Idly?80. What will SCOTUS Do?81. Why did they disobey?82. Cabranes' Fraud Upon The Court83. Is Hinds-Radix Their 'Secret' Weapon?84. New York State Lawsuit for Fraud85. Judge Sunshine Is A Loser86. Judge Sunshine Out of Options87. Petitioner Prepares Request for Rehearing...88. Petition for Rehearing89. Loser Sunshine's Last Hurrah90. Lawsuit Against Daily News and Scott Shifrel91. Mort Zuckerman's Bigoted Tabloid92. Corruption at Nassau County Supreme Court and Nassau County Clerk93. Judge Scuccimarra Ruling94. Defendants Have Defaulted95. Will Judge Parga Accepts Anne Carroll's Drivel Because Defendants Are Rich Jews?96. New York and Anne B. Carroll97. Lawsuit Against President98. Will Obama Listen?99. Open Letter to Al Jazeera, President Obama and Judge Allegra100. More Court Shenanigans?101. Howard U. Schmokescreen102. Into the fire...103. What Will The New York State Division of Human Rights Do?104. Housing Court Corruption105. Mayor Bloomberg's Finest106. FEGS in Criminal Conspiracy107. FEGS Gave Victim No Choice108. What Will The New York State Supreme Court Do?109. What Will Court of Claims Do?110. Abuse of Religion Not New111. How Wicked Are They?112. What Lies???113. Federal Lawsuit114. Disastrous Results to Appeal115. Judge Garaufis' Discriminatory Decision116. Garaufis' Talmudic Shenanigans117. FOIA Hiding Evidence118. Congressional Testimony119. Unintelligible Complaint of Rachel G. Yohalem120. Uzamere v. USA, et al121. Judicial Whores Willy and Patty122. Uzamere v. USA123. Find an Unbiased Court124. U.S. Government Blacklists Own Citizens125. Appellate Brief First Circuit126. U.S. Government Hides Prosecution127. A Jewish RICO128. Jews' Demonic Doctrine -- Law of the Moser129. Mishkin Yanks His Own Nuts130. Will African American Victim of Grand Laceny Receive Justice?131. Judicial Ethics Hypocrite132. Jew Shenanigans Involved in Random Selection of Morally Compromised Judge133. Please save my family!134. Psychopaths135. Jewish Paradigm Put Jews on Top136. Pretender Bharara137. Int'l Complaint Against Israel, United States and Nigeria138. Memorial of Impeachment139. A Real Man

Court Declares: "Senator Uzamere...You Are The Husband!"
Embattled Judge Sunshine Schedules Trial For Defendant Senator Uzamere
With NO Note of Issue, NO Certificate of Readiness and NO Defendant
Refuses Plaintiff's Due Process Right to Request an Inquest
Uses Talmud's "Law of the Moser" to Save Self and Allen E. Kaye
Plaintiff/Identity Fraud Victim Files Federal Court of Appeals Temporary Restraining Order
Will File Writ of Certiorari if Court of Appeals Judge Writes Biased Decision
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Plaintiff/Identity-Fraud to Broadcast Federal Court of Appeal's Decision on Her Website

Cheryl D. Uzamere
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The Honorable A. Gail Prudenti, Pres. Judge
James Edward Pelzer, Clerk of Court
The Honorable Barack H. Obama, President
The Honorable Eric Holder, U.S. Atty General
Catherine O'Hagan Wolfe, Mr. Whidbee
Charles F. Sanders, Esq.
The Honorable Jeffrey S. Sunshine
Eugenia Cowles, U.S. Attorney, VT
Rachel McCarthy, Bar Counsel, USCIS
Michael A. Cardozo, Esq.
Robert E. Juceam, Esq.
Allen E. Kaye, Esq.
Harvey Shapiro
Jack Gladstein, Esq.
Bernard J. Rostanski, Esq.
Eugene O. Uzamere, Esq.
Senator Ehigie Edobor Uzamere




Judge Sunshine is illegally forcing a trial on me in violation on my due process rights


May 27, 2009

Dear Judge Prudenti and Mr. Pelzer:

Please note the following:

  • I filed a preliminary injunction and temporary restraining order against Judge Sunshine with the Federal Court of Appeals, 2nd Circuit.

  • I filed Appellate Division Docket Number 2009-01119 with the 2nd Judicial Department in which I provided irrefutable proof that I am a victim of a crime still in progress. In spite of this, your court has chosen not to respond to my appeal expeditiously, thereby forcing me to undergo even more mental and emotional distress.

  • Judge Sunshine forcibly and illegally scheduled a trial for July 7, 2009 to dispose of issues that are now under appeal in your court. I believe he is doing to this to render my appeal moot, and to rush the case out of his court because of crimes that he has committed (i.e., accepting as "genuine" the fraudulent foreign counter-affidavit).  In addition, because my divorce action's files are still with your court there is no proof of what I presented to the lower court.

  • At the same time that Judge Sunshine is rushing the trial to avoid your decision, your court is stalling and refusing to render a decision to my appeal.

  • Depending on what the Federal Court of Appeal does,  I will be filing a writ of mandamus to have the federal court of appeals compel the rendering of a a decision on my case.

I have taken the liberty of uploading this information to the internet. I want the world to know that abject corruption and racism I have faced in trying to obtain justice from your court and from the lower court.

One thing I've learned through thirty years of torture -- there are still white bigots in this world and sometime the courts are not enough to stop them.

Sometimes one needs force.

Cheryl D. Uzamere

May 12, 2009


The Honorable Jeffrey S. Sunshine
New York State Supreme Court
360 Adams Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Your Honor:

I respectfully request that this Court schedules an inquest based on the following laws, facts and unresolved issues:


  • NYCRR 202.16(k)(5) -- The failure to comply with the provisions of this subdivision shall be good draw an inference favorable to the adverse party with respect to any disputed fact or issue affected by such failure;

  • NYCRR 202.46(b) Damages, inquest after default; proof -- In any action where it is necessary to take an inquest before the court, the party seeking damages may submit the proof required by oral testimony of witnesses in open court or by written statements of the witnesses, in narrative or question-and-answer form, signed and sworn to.

  • NYCRR 202.27(a) Defaults -- At any scheduled call of a calendar or at any conference...If the plaintiff appears but the defendant does not, the judge may grant judgment by default or order an inquest;

  • CPLR 3215(a) (a) Default and entry --  When a defendant has failed to appear, plead or proceed to trial of an action reached and called for trial, or when the court orders a dismissal for any other neglect to proceed, the plaintiff may seek a  default  judgment  against him;

  • Dom. Rel. 236(b) Marital Property -- The term "marital property" shall mean all property acquired by either or both spouses during the marriage and before...the  commencement  of  a  matrimonial action,  regardless of the form in which title is held.

  • Dom. Rel. 236(B)(4)(a) Compulsory financial disclosure  -- In all matrimonial actions and proceedings in which alimony, maintenance or support is in issue,  there shall  be  compulsory  disclosure  by  both  parties of their respective financial states...Noncompliance shall  be  punishable  by any or all of the penalties prescribed in section thirty-one hundred twenty-six of the civil practice law and rules, in examination before or during trial.

  • CPLR §3126 Penalties for refusal to comply with order or to disclose --  If any party...willfully fails to disclose information which the court finds ought to have been disclosed  pursuant to  this  article, the court...order that the issues to which the information is relevant shall be deemed resolved for purposes of the action  in  accordance  with  the claims of the party obtaining the order; or render a judgment by default against the disobedient party;

  • CPLR §2308(a) Disobedience of a judicial subpoena -- Failure to comply with a subpoena issued by a judge, clerk or officer of the court shall be punishable as a contempt of court.

  • CPLR §2304 Motion to quash, fix conditions or modify -- A motion to quash, fix conditions or modify a subpoena shall be made promptly in the court in which the subpoena is returnable.

Facts Presented in Federal and State Appeals Regarding Plaintiff:

  • Plaintiff properly served process on Defendant;
  • Plaintiff submitted documentation regarding Defendant's wealth;
  • Plaintiff has pending federal lawsuit awaiting appeal;
  • Plaintiff has pending appeal with Appellate Division, 2nd Judicial Department;
  • Plaintiff has sent several letters of complaint to President Obama;
  • Plaintiff presented similar issues in both appeals;
  • Plaintiff is mentally disabled;
  • Plaintiff is 50 years old;
  • Plaintiff is poor;
  • Plaintiff submitted proof that she applied for child support in 1980 and 1985;
  • Plaintiff is mother of Defendant's firstborn adult daughter;
  • Plaintiff never received spousal or child support;
  • Plaintiff owes several bills, including Federal and New York State student loans.
Facts Presented in Federal and State Appeals Regarding Defendant:
  • Defendant never interposed an answer (or any other response bearing his notarized signature);
  • Defendant lied about his identity;
  • Defendant did not appear for any of the two preliminary conferences;
  • Defendant did not cooperate with regard to compulsory disclosure of his assets;
  • Defendant hired immigration attorneys Allen E. Kaye and Harvey Shapiro to lie about his identity;
  • Defendant disobeyed disclosure law;
  • Defendant attended Pratt Institute's School of Architecture at Higgins Hall in Brooklyn, New York.  Defendant received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Architecture around October 1983;
  • Defendant is a senator in Nigeria.

Fact Regarding Subpoenaed Witnesses:

  • Immigration attorney Allen E. Kaye disobeyed subpoena; did not file motion to quash;
  • Immigration attorney Harvey Shapiro disobeyed subpoena; did not file motion to quash;
  • Attorney Robert E. Juceam disobeyed subpoena; did not file motion to quash;
  • George I. Uzamere disobeyed subpoena; did not file motion to quash;
  • Ethel Uzamere disobeyed subpoena; did not file motion to quash;
  • Egheosa Uzamere disobeyed subpoena; did not file motion to quash.

Facts Presented in Federal and State Appeals Regarding Court:

  • Court overstepped its judicial boundaries by scheduling adjournments that lacked a good excuse and meritorious defense on behalf of no-show Defendant pursuant to violation of CPLR §3126, NYCRR §202.16 and NYCRR §202.27(a));

  • Court overstepped its judicial boundaries by referring to fraudulent, unauthenticated foreign counter-affidavit as "geniuine in violation of 22 C.F.R. §92.31 and 22 C.F.R. 92.65;

  • Court overstepped its judicial boundaries by not holding in contempt the following individuals for violating a court-ordered subpoena: Allen E. Kaye; Harvey Shapiro; Robert E. Juceam, Esq.; George I. Uzamere; Ethel Uzamere and Egheosa Uzamere;

  • That Court overstepped its judicial boundaries is evident by the lack of statutory law and corresponding precedent-setting case law that supports the Court's actions based on the legal doctrine of stare decisis.

Unresolved Issues:

(a) Pecuniary demands:

  • $20,000,000.00 (based on assets Defendant chooses to disclose; egregiousness of Defendant's criminal acts against me and his daughter Tara);

  • $5,000,000.00 (for spousal support during the pendency of the divorce action which I did not receive based on court's continuedacts of bias which I have already reported to President Obama and in my federal lawsuit); financial assistance for the adult child of the marriage for whom the Defendant never provided child support, including but not limited to college fees, rent, food and car payments.

(b) Other Demands:

  • To conduct a criminal investigation against Defendant;

  • To conduct a criminal investigation against immigration attorneys Allen E. Kaye and Harvey based on the Court's decision that the Defendant is my husband;

  • To hold Allen E. Kaye; Harvey Shapiro; Robert E. Juceam, Esq.; George I. Uzamere; Ethel Uzamere and Egheosa Uzamere in contempt;

  • To cease and desist from acting illegally based on the Court's past belief that I am a dumb schvartze.  Such an assumption is indicative of an individual who is in want of commonsense since New York State Consolidated Laws, New York Codes, Rules and Regulations (connected to WestLaw), free Lexis-Nexis,, and other legal research sites are available on the internet.

The reason for this detailed request is to ensure that this Court has no more "wiggle room" to render biased decisions that do not reflect statutory law and accompanying case law.  I have also uploaded to this letter to the internet and faxed it to U.S. Attorney Lev Dassin.

I believe that you and other defendants in my federal lawsuit intentionally violated my First, Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment rights for the primary purpose of preventing me from reporting fellow Ashkenazim Allen E. Kaye and Harvey Shapiro to the gentile authorities, based on Talmudic doctrine.  If you make any decision that violates my constitutional rights, I will forward it to Mr. Obama and the U.S. Attorney General.  I will display the decision on the internet for others to see and I will appeal it -- even if it means writing a writ of certiorari for the Solicitor General to review.

I respectfully ask that you remember that the Talmudic belief in the inferiority of dark skin is the rationalization for the world's worst Holocaust -- The Maafa.  Over several hundred years, millions of my people forever lost the ability to bear the names of their African male forebears -- for nothing more than to satiate the greed of rich Europeans -- both Christians and Ashkenazim.  Allen Kaye's and Harvey Shapiro's acts of perjury, racism and greed revisited on me and on my daughter the same racist rationalization of me and my daughter as worthless "schvartzes" that their -- and your -- ancestors visited on helpless, kidnapped African slaves.

Bastardizing an innocent African child by not acknowledging and enforcing her right to paternity renders her a potential victim of incest.  It denies her rights of inheritance based on legal acknowledgement of paternity.  Anyone who dares challenge my right as my child's mother to protect her biological and legal rights to paternity had better be ready to fight me to the death.

 africanslaveafterbeingbullwhipped.jpg lynchingandburningofblackman.jpg eckfordandangrywhitecrowd.jpg

You can never do this to me or mine again.

Remember the African Ancestors,



Cheryl D. Uzamere

African Diasporal Enterprises



Exhibit A
Senator Uzamere and 2nd Wife Iriagbonse Irowa


Exhibit B (pg 1)
Affidavit and Application for License to Marry


Exhibit B (pg 2)
Affidavit and Application for License to Marry


Exhibit C
Immigration Form I-130


Exhibit D (pg 1)
Allen Kaye's Letter to NYS Disc. Cmte.


Exhibit D (pg 2)
Allen Kaye's Letter to NYS Disc. Cmte.


Exhibit E
Defendant Rachel McCarthy's Report


Exhibit F (pg 1)
Fraudulent Nigerian Counter-Affidavit


Exhibit F (pg 2)
Fraudulent Nigerian Counter-Affidavit


Exhibit G
Judge Sunshine's Decision and Order -- Pg 9
(dated January 12, 2009)


Exhibit H
Judge Sunshine's Decision and Order -- Pg 1
(dated May 12, 2009)


Exhibit H
Judge Sunshine's Decision and Order -- Pg 2
(dated May 12, 2009)


Rabbi Michael Broyde's Speech
Prohibiting Jews From Reporting Jews
to Secular Law Enforcement Authorities