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Off Track Again...
Eugene Uzamere -- Third Attorney Hired By Senator Uzamere to Break the Law
Law Office of Eugene Uzamere
Uzamere & Associates, PLLC
1851 Watson Avenue
Bronx, NY  10472
Tel.: (718) 409-3389
Fax: (718) 504-5326

Eugene Uzamere, Esq. -- Suborner of Senator Uzamere's Act of Perjury


        From the time that I accompanied my husband to the offices of attorney Allen E. Kaye to sign the green card sponsorship papers, to the time that I received the letter in which divorce attorney Jack Gladstein referred to my husband as "Godwin Uzamere” (see Jack Gladstein letter attached), Ehigie has always managed to find unscrupulous attorneys who were willing to hide his felonious acts by implementing willful blindness – pretending not to see what they knew to be illegal acts on the part of Ehigie, thereby circumventing the justice to which my daughter and I were entitled. Fortunately, my incessant complaints against the unscrupulous attorneys to appropriate governmental agencies have convinced them to back down. After a series of well-placed complaints, Mr. Gladstein came to his senses and withdrew his legal support from my husband. Allen E. Kaye, now being investigated by Rachel McCarthy, Bar Counsel for the U.S. Department of Citizenship and Immigration Services now sees that the consequences of his willful blindness regarding Ehigie's act of immigration fraud have "come home to roost" like the proverbial "chickens."  My incessant complaints to state and federal law enforcement agencies encouraged these attorneys to end their subornation of Senator Uzamere's perjury.

        The “clean hands” doctrine states that "someone bringing a lawsuit or motion and asking the court for equitable relief must be innocent of wrongdoing or unfair conduct relating to the subject matter of his/her claim."  With regard to the issuance of statements by the parties in a divorce action, the attorneys involved must ensure that all their clients' statements are truthful.  Penal Law §210.40 says the following regarding making an apparently sworn false statement in the first degree:  "A  person  is  guilty of making an apparently sworn false statement in the first degree when he commits the crime of making an apparently sworn false  statement  in  the  second  degree, and when  (a) the  written instrument involved is one for which an oath is required by law, and (b) the  false  statement contained therein is made with intent to mislead a public servant in the performance of his official  functions, and (c) such  false  statement  is  material to the action, proceeding or matter involved."

        Making an apparently sworn false statement in the first degree is a Class E felony.

        Of all groups of persons to whom this principle should be familiar, it should be attorneys. It is shameful that Eugene Uzamere, Esq., with the tacit approval of the court, is attempting to litigate the divorce action on behalf of Senator Uzamere with “unclean hands.”

        These are additional unethical acts committed on behalf of the Defendant that establish that Mr. Uzamere is attempting to proceed with “unclean hands”:

  • Eugene is in contempt of court because he did not respond to the subpoena duces tecum that I sent to him before he became Senator Uzamere's attorney (see subpoena and certificate of mailing attached as Exhibit 1).

  • Eugene is intentionally harboring a Senator Uzamere who is now a criminal because in spite of his claim that the divorce action should be dismissed because the Defendant is not my husband, Mr. Uzamere has made no attempt to produce Senator Uzamere in person for examination by the federal authorities who are investigating him; nor will he do so.

  • Eugene lied under oath by telling the court that Senator Uzamere is not my husband even though I provided the court and served the Defendant and his former attorney with a copy of the Affidavit and Application for License to Marry in which the Defendant wrote the fake name “Godwin” at the top of the affidavit but signed his real name at the bottom of the affidavit and wrote a fictitious birth date (see Affidavit and Application for License to Marry front page attached as Exhibit 2).

  • The attached affidavit containing the Defendant's real signature, the fake name “Godwin” and the fake birth date June 1, 1955 is proof is the Defendant's perjury; Mr. Uzamere's request to file an order of dismissal because the Defendant is not my husband in the face of the proof I provided the court is a clear case of subornation of perjury.

  • Eugene committed subornation of perjury by willful blindness; that is; he admitted in open court that he did not attempt to obtain the documents that were served on the Defendant or the Defendant's former attorney before coming to court.

  • Eugene could have obtained the files from the Defendant or from the Defendant's attorney since they were both served; he will have committed obstruction of justice if he returns the files to the court and any of the files are found to be missing. The exhibits of the files can also be found on

  • Eugene committed subornation of perjury by not producing the person of the Defendant so that the Defendant can speak for himself and so that I can witness the Defendant's signature for myself (see Preliminary Conference Order lacking Senator Uzamere's signature).

  • Eugene committed subornation of perjury by not producing anything in writing from the Defendant in response to my allegations.

  • Eugene committed subornation of perjury by encouraging Senator Uzamere not to provided a photo of himself to the court or anything tangible to prove to the court that Senator Uzamere is not my husband; in other words, Mr. Uzamere is attempting to illegally influence the court to allow him to litigate the divorce action without provide Senator Uzamere in person or without providing the court with anything from the Defendant.

  • Eugene has a conflict of interest based on his desire not to be sued for defaming my character to Jackson Ude of Point Blank News, and based upon a threat he made to Emmanuel Asiwe of Huhu Online on behalf of the Defendant; both are publishers who put the story regarding the Defendant's crimes against me and our daughter on the internet (see newspaper articles attached as Exhibit 3.1, 3.2 and Exhibit 4.1, 4.2).

        It now appears that unlike Senator Uzamere last two unscrupulous attorneys, his newest attorney and nephew, Eugene Uzamere has allowed himself to become as foolhardy in his desire to violate my rights and my daughter's rights as Pharoah was in desire to violate the rights of the Israelites. Even in the face of proof of his uncle's crimes, he has refused to back down. Part of this may be based in simple arrogance -- “how dare this uneducated nigger defy me!” Or it may be encouragement from the bench itself. I believe that Judge Prus is directly involved; his involvement will be explained in the next installation.

        The only thing that will discourage Senator Uzamere from continually attempting to secure the assistance of unscrupulous attorneys to do his illegal bidding is if the appropriate government agency prosecutes these attorneys with the toughest punishment possible -- including being suspended from practicing law or incarceration -- to force them to see that circumventing justice on Senator Uzamere's behalf will no longer work.

        If this is not done, Senator Uzamere will continue to hire unscrupulous attorneys to deprive me and our daughter of the justice that I have fought for nearly 29 years to achieve.