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Senator Uzamere's Crimes Leads to Loss of Child Support

Will Wife's Contact with U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Undo
Senator Uzamere's 28-Year Failure to Pay Child Support?

        The greatest loss experienced by Senator Uzamere's real wife, the child of the marriage and Senator Uzamere's wife's son from her previous relationship was the loss of financial assistance due to the Senator Uzamere's real wife on behalf of the child of the marriage. Senator Uzamere, in his haste to hide the plan the bigamous marriage between himself and Iriagbonse Irowa, and to avoid paying child support so that he could use his finances to attend Pratt Institute's Higgin's Hall School of Architecture, married the real wife using a fictitious name, a fictitious birth date and fictitious social security number.

        The real wife, being hard-pressed to find a job, and beginning to show symptoms of the emotional trauma inflicted on her by Senator Uzamere had no choice but to place her children in the financial care and custody of New York City foster care system. The children spent nearly all their lives in foster care, but eventually, Senator Uzamere real wife challenged New York City and the foster care agency caring for the children and finally got them out of foster care.

        Getting the children out of foster care however, did not help the wife's situation. During the children's stay in foster care, the City's government made no attempt to find Senator Uzamere. While David Walker, the child from the previous relationship received child support from his Jamaican father, Carl Benjamin Walker until David was 21 years old, the City's inability (or refusal) to locate Senator Uzamere continue even after foster care ended until she was 21 years old and the case was closed.

        The child of Senator Uzamere's and his real wife is now almost 28 years old. Although she reportedly received a number of monetary presents (including a car loan payment to Drive Financial paid by Senator Uzamere's brother George), Senator Uzamere has never seen to her regular food bill, rent bill, clothing bill, school fees, hospital bills, birthday presents or any bill that concern life's basic necessities for her entire life until now. The fact is, Senator Uzamere has never even called the real wife to discuss any plans for his daughter's life.

        While Senator Uzamere's real wife sees both of her children as a blessing from Jehovah, Senator Uzamere continues to treat his firstborn child as an accident resulting from an act of green card prostitution - the child of a despicable act to be hidden from public view. While Senator Uzamere may have given the child of his real marriage two or three paltry gifts, the fact is, he has never taken her out and displayed her to any of his friends publicly - never.

        After several years of getting nowhere with federal agencies, the real wife contacted the U.S. Health and Human Services' Child Support Office in an attempt to report Senator Uzamere's abject failure to pay child support. One of the agency's employees who was contacted is Mr. Rodriquez.

        Mr. Rodriquez left a message requesting various particulars (Click here to hear Mr. Rodriquez' message). Mr. Rodriquez' request for particulars, along with relevant answers are enumerated below:

Agreements with Nigeria


We (the United States) do not have a legal agreement in Senator Uzamere's country (Nigeria).


1) Concerning oneself with enforcing a child support judgment from the U.S. Court in a foreign country is like putting the cart before the horse. The state court's responsibility is to first promulgate the order.

2) According to the Kathie Baker and Mary Ellen Sariti of the U.S. Department of State, Senator Uzamere is a citizen of the United States. Once the state court obeys the law and promulgates the order for Senator Uzamere to pay child support, it is only a matter of time before Senator Uzamere returns and then goes to jail for not paying it. Basically, once a dead-beat parent is a citizen of the United States, payment is simply a matter of time.

3) The Constitution of Nigeria recognizes the Republic's responsibility to respect international law. Chapter II, Foreign Policy Objective, §19(d) of the constitution says: "...respect international law and treaty obligations as well as the seeking of settlement of international disputes by negotiation, mediation, conciliation, arbitration and adjudication..."

4) The Marital Causes Act of 1990 of the Laws of the Federal of Nigeria ( says the following regarding the recognition of foreign judgments of divorce and the enforcement of decrees:

Part VI. Recognition of Decrees

80. Where a decree is made under this Act it shall have effect in all States of the Federation.

81. (2) A dissolution or annulment of a marriage effected in accordance with the law of a foreign country shall be recognised as valid in Nigeria where, at the date of the institution of the proceedings that resulted in the dissolution or annulment, the party at whose instance the dissolution or annulment was effected (or, if it was effected at the instance of both parties, either of those parties)-

(a) in the case of the dissolution of a marriage...was domiciled in that foreign country;

(3) For the purposes of subsection (2) of this section-

(a) where a dissolution of a marriage was effected in accordance with the law of a foreign country at the instance of a deserted wife who was domiciled in that foreign country either immediately before her marriage or immediately before the desertion, she shall be deemed to have been domiciled in that foreign country at the date of the institution of the proceedings that resulted in the dissolution; and

(b) a wife who, at the date of the institution of the proceedings that resulted in a dissolution or annulment of her marriage in accordance with the law of a foreign country, was resident in that foreign country and had been so resident for a period of three years immediately preceding that date shall be deemed to have been domiciled in that foreign country at that date.

(5) Any dissolution or annulment of a marriage that would be recognised as valid under the rules of private international law but to which none of the preceding provisions of this section applies shall be recognized as valid in Nigeria, and the operation of this subsection shall not be limited by any implication from those provisions.

(9) In this section, "foreign country" means a country, or part of a country, outside the Federation.

VIII - Enforcement of Decrees

88 (1) Subject to rules of court, a court having jurisdiction under this Act may enforce by attachment or other process an order made by it under this Act for payment of maintenance or costs or in respect of the custody of, or access, to children.

89. (2) A decree registered in a court under this section may, subject to rules of court, be enforced as if it had been made by the court in which it is registered.

90. (1) Where a decree made under this Act orders the payment of money to a person, any moneys payable under the decree may be recovered as a judgment debt in a court of competent jurisdiction.

91. (1) Where pursuant to this Act, a court has made an order for payment of maintenance, the order may be registered in accordance with rules of court in a court of summary jurisdiction of a State of the Federation, and an order so registered may, subject to rules of court, be enforced in the same manner as if it were an order for maintenance of a deserted wife made by the court of summary jurisdiction.

You may also wish to contact Honorable Michael Kaase Aondoakaa, Nigeria's Minister of Justice is the expert on the enforcement of foreign judgments.  His contact information is as follows:

Federal Secretariat Towers (5th & 10th floors),
Shehu Shagari Way, Central Area
P.M.B. 192
Garki, Abuja, Nigeria
Tel: 09-5235208, 09-5237676.
Fax: 09-5235194

Lastly, the U.S. Department of State has a website entitled "Child Support Enforcement Abroad" that answers questions regarding dead-beat parents who live in countries that do not have a reciprocal arrangement with the federal government or individual states to to pay child support.  While the U.S. government recognizes that there are countries that do not have reciprocal agreements, nevertheless, the United States in no way uses a foreign country's lack of reciprocity as an excuse not to make promulgate a child support order.


I cannot figure out if a child support case was opened or not.


Please refer to to view archive requests for docket numbers F-05076/80 and F-08177/85. Although there were attempts made to obtain child support, both attempts failed because Senator Uzamere's supplied false information regarding his name ("Godwin") and social security number (099-20-2291) to facilitate his fugitivity. There are present plans underway to obtain proof of Senator Uzamere identity from the federal government.

The following is information that was obtained from regarding the tolling of a statute of limitations:

Civil Actions

A court cannot force a defendant to use a statute of limitations defense, but it is usually in the person's best legal interests to do so. Nevertheless, defendants do sometimes waive the defense. The defense may be waived by an agreement of the parties to the controversy, provided that the agreement is supported by adequate consideration. For example, a debtor's agreement to waive the statute of limitations in exchange for a creditor's agreement not to sue is valuable consideration that prevents the debtor from using the defense.

Tolling the Statute

Statutes of limitations are designed to aid defendants. A plaintiff, however, can prevent the dismissal of his action for untimeliness by seeking to toll the statute. When the statute is tolled, the running of the time period is suspended until some event specified by law takes place. Tolling provisions benefit a plaintiff by extending the time within which he is permitted to bring suit.

Various events or circumstances will toll a statute of limitations. It is tolled when one of the parties is under a legal disability - the lack of legal capacity to do an act - at the time the cause of action accrues. A child or a person with a mental illness is regarded as being incapable of initiating a legal action on her own behalf. Therefore, the time limit will be tolled until some fixed time after the disability has been removed. For example, once a child reaches the age of majority, the counting of time will be resumed. A personal disability that postpones the operation of the statute against an individual may be asserted only by that individual. If a party is under more than one disability, the statute of limitations does not begin to run until all the disabilities are removed. Once the statute begins to run, it will not be suspended by the subsequent disability of any of the parties unless specified by statute.

The unexcused failure to start an action within the statutory period bars the action. Mere ignorance of the existence of a cause of action generally does not toll the statute of limitations, particularly when the facts could have been learned by inquiry or diligence. In cases where a cause of action has been fraudulently concealed, the statute of limitations is tolled until the action is, or could have been, discovered through the exercise of due diligence. Ordinarily, silence or failure to disclose the existence of a cause of action does not toll the statute. The absence of the plaintiff or defendant from the jurisdiction does not suspend the running of the statute of limitations, unless the statute so provides.

The statute of limitations for a debt or obligation may be tolled by either an unconditional promise to pay the debt or an acknowledgment of the debt. The time limitation on bringing a lawsuit to enforce payment of the debt is suspended until the time for payment established under the promise or acknowledgment has arrived. Upon that due date, the period of limitations will start again.


We need information regarding Senator Uzamere whereabouts and proof of his identity.


Employers Address:

Employer's Telephone:

Employer's E-mail:

Social Security Number:

Ehigie Edobor Uzamere
Federal Republic of Nigeria
National Assembly Complex
Three Arms Zone
P.M.B. 141
Abuja, Nigeria

xxx-xx-7854 (verified by Kathie Baker and Mary Ellen Sariti of the U.S. Department of State (202) 736-9168/9163.


We are not sure where the person is residing...we are not sure of the person's real name.


1) Please refer to the following websites:




2) Kathie Baker and Mary Ellen Sariti of the U.S. Department of State can confirm his identity.

3) Allen E. Kaye, the immigration attorney whose firm represented my husband should be able to identify him.

4) Jack Gladstein, the divorce attorney that my husband retained should be able to identify my husband.

        A number of questions that were posed by Mr. Rodriquez' are, not only outside of the realm of the federal government's responsibility, but not relevant regarding the government's responsibility to ensure that dead-beat parents are held responsible to pay child support. Why does it matter if Nigeria does or does not recognize the child support judgment of an American court? Any action for child support would be brought against Senator Uzamere - not against Nigeria.

        Even if Nigeria choses not to cooperate with the federal government, Senator Uzamere is a citizen of the United States. A suspended license, his name listed on New York State's and the federal government's dead-beat parent listing and/or a few weeks in jail may be all of the convincing that Senator Uzamere needs.

        Why concern oneself with issues that have nothing to do with New York State's legally-mandated role to ensure that Senator Uzamere is held responsible for the financial care of the child of the marriage? Why all the smokescreens?

        I made a sincere attempt was made to respond to all of Mr. Rodriquez' question for one reason - to prove that no matter that I do to supply the federal government with information regarding Senator Uzamere, the federal government will actively find ways to prevent me from bringing my husband and the father of our child to justice.

        I intend to file an action for child support based on the action stated above. Senator Uzamere's 28-year attempt to use subterfuge to hide his identity and facilitate his fugitivity has finally come to an end. While I hope that Mr. Rodriquez obeys the spirit of the law and assists me in bring Senator Uzamere to justice, 28 years of experience tells me that this may be another dead end.

        Only time will tell.

Message from Mr. Rodriquez
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Office of Child Support
26 Federal Plaza
New York, NY
Tel.: (212) 264-2890