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Disc. Committee and Commission on Judicial Conduct Be Corrupted?55. Subpoena Planned for Judge Garaufis56. No Negotiations for Justice...Justice is Owed!57. Will Attorneys Sign Affirmation?58. Am I Finally Being Taken Seriously?59. Evidentiary Hearing is Scheduled!60. Amy Feinstein Refuses to Prosecute!61. Robert Juceam's Useless Excuses62. Appellate Brief pages 24 to end63. No Justice -- No Peace!64. Happy Birthday My Beautiful Angel65. Are You A Victim of A Green Card Marriage Scam?66. End Green Card Marriage Sponsorship67. How to Report an Immigration Scammer and the Attorney68. Is The End Finally in Sight?69. Will Appellate Division Justices Decide Fairly?70. What Will NYSCJC's Response Be?71. How Will NYSDDC Respond?72. Will Obama's Administration Coerce Helpless Schvartze's Silence73. Will U.S. Department of State's Secretary Rise To The Challenge?74. Eugene Uzamere Calls It Quits75. Bigot Judge Sunshine Continues Courtroom Corruption76. Schvartze's Complaints Still Ignored By Appellate Division's White Judiciary77. More Talmudic Bias and Anti-Schvartze Racism At SDNY78. Senator Uzamere...You Are The Husband!79. Will U.S. Solicitor General Office Look On Idly?80. What will SCOTUS Do?81. Why did they disobey?82. Cabranes' Fraud Upon The Court83. Is Hinds-Radix Their 'Secret' Weapon?84. New York State Lawsuit for Fraud85. Judge Sunshine Is A Loser86. Judge Sunshine Out of Options87. Petitioner Prepares Request for Rehearing...88. Petition for Rehearing89. Loser Sunshine's Last Hurrah90. Lawsuit Against Daily News and Scott Shifrel91. Mort Zuckerman's Bigoted Tabloid92. Corruption at Nassau County Supreme Court and Nassau County Clerk93. Judge Scuccimarra Ruling94. Defendants Have Defaulted95. Will Judge Parga Accepts Anne Carroll's Drivel Because Defendants Are Rich Jews?96. New York and Anne B. Carroll97. Lawsuit Against President98. Will Obama Listen?99. Open Letter to Al Jazeera, President Obama and Judge Allegra100. More Court Shenanigans?101. Howard U. Schmokescreen102. Into the fire...103. What Will The New York State Division of Human Rights Do?104. Housing Court Corruption105. Mayor Bloomberg's Finest106. FEGS in Criminal Conspiracy107. FEGS Gave Victim No Choice108. What Will The New York State Supreme Court Do?109. What Will Court of Claims Do?110. Abuse of Religion Not New111. How Wicked Are They?112. What Lies???113. Federal Lawsuit114. Disastrous Results to Appeal115. Judge Garaufis' Discriminatory Decision116. Garaufis' Talmudic Shenanigans117. FOIA Hiding Evidence118. Congressional Testimony119. Unintelligible Complaint of Rachel G. Yohalem120. Uzamere v. USA, et al121. Judicial Whores Willy and Patty122. Uzamere v. USA123. Find an Unbiased Court124. U.S. Government Blacklists Own Citizens125. Appellate Brief First Circuit126. U.S. Government Hides Prosecution127. A Jewish RICO128. Jews' Demonic Doctrine -- Law of the Moser129. Mishkin Yanks His Own Nuts130. Will African American Victim of Grand Laceny Receive Justice?131. Judicial Ethics Hypocrite132. Jew Shenanigans Involved in Random Selection of Morally Compromised Judge133. Please save my family!134. Psychopaths135. Jewish Paradigm Put Jews on Top136. Pretender Bharara137. Int'l Complaint Against Israel, United States and Nigeria138. Memorial of Impeachment139. A Real Man

Pretender Bharara and Jewish Supervisor Wife on "Short List" Made Short by flaccid schmuck, oops, Chuck Schumer and other Jews Who Have Already Paid off Stupid-assed, Greedy Gentile Senators to Discriminate Against All but Jews and Those Married to Jews for the U.S. Attorney General Position

Poor Pretender -- Pretends to Singh that He Obtained the Coveted Jew-Controlled Position Based on His Education and Skills Alone; in Truth -- He's Crying Because He Sold His Manhood (not that he ever had any to work with); but Now He Has to Lick His Spouse-Master's Ass as Well as Her Twat to Ensure that Fewer and Fewer of Pretender's Wife's People Are Prosecuted by His Jew-Ass-Licking Obsequious Obedience to the Jewish Doctrine Law of the Moser?

How many complaints involving a Jewish lawbreaker were ignored by Senator Schumer's corrupt appointees U.S. Attorneys Pretender Bharara and Loretta Lynch based on their marriages to psychopathic Jews spouses and their psychopathic spouses adherence to the demonic doctrine Law of the Moser? How much money were Pretender Bharara and Loretta Lynch paid by the Jews to ignore as many criminal complaints against lawbreaking Jews as possible, or perhaps Pretender and Loretta were feeling philanthropic and violated the law on behalf of the entire Jewish community for free? Maybe Pretender and Loretta can write off the bribe money they didn't receive on their taxes.

Hey, Schmuck, oops, I mean Chuck, tell me -- the money you and the Jews pay corrupt Gentile politicians, can you write that off on your taxes? More than likely yes, because the people running the IRS are demonic Jews like you! Do you feel defamed? Then sue me, you dirty Jew son-of-a-bitch. With all the demoniacally judges working for New York State and the federal government, you're bound to find one

Appointing and King and Other Authorities Over Jews -- The Judaic Doctrine that Racist Schmuck Chuck Schumer and Participating Jewish Dogs Use to Rationalize Their Bribery of Dumb, Greedy Gentiles Who Buy into Their Enslavement to Jews and Sell Out Their Gentile Constituents' Rights. Both Sets of Idiots Must Be Reported to the United Nations Office of the High Commission of Human Rights:


The Jew Who Showed Ethnoreligious Favoritism By Hiring Gentiles Who Are Married to Jews.

Geez, I wonder if the nameless bitch is related to Sen. Schmuck and I wonder how much White trash and nigger slave U.S. Sen were paid by the Jews to allow their choice for U.S. Attorney were paid not to question their choice.


Married to a Jew -- Nominated by a Jew. Another Dirty Jew Shenanigan to be reported to the United Nations Office of the High Commission for Human Rights


Married to a Mr. "Biehl." Is Mr. Biehl related to another corrupt Jew who works for the U.S. Government?



Appointing a King and Other Authorities Over Jews --
Only Jews Can Be Appointed Over Jews

It is written in the Torah (Deuteronomy 17:15): "Then you shall appoint a king over you, whom the Lord your G-d will choose: one from among your brethren shall you set as king over you, but you shall not set over you a stranger who is not your brother." In Sifri, Shoftim, paragraph 157 it says: "Your brother, and not from others" (that is to say, Gentiles, for a Gentile king may not be appointed over Jews -- Rabbeinu Hillel). And not just a Gentile, but also a righteous convert, considered a Jew in every matter, is disqualified for kingship, as is explained in Midrash HaGadol: "'You shall not set over you a stranger ' -- to exclude the convert... from here they said it is forbidden to appoint a king from the converts, even after a number of generations, until his mother is [one born] Jewish."

This is also the law concerning any position of authority, as explained in Kiddushin 76b: "We have learned: 'Then you shall  appoint a king over you from among your brethren,' all appointments of authority that you make should not be [made]except from among your brethren." Thus wrote Maimonides in chapter 1 of The Laws of Kings, halacha 4: "We do not appoint a king from amongst the converts, even after several generations, until his mother is [one born] Jewish, as it is written, 'You will not set over you a stranger who is not your brother.' Not only for kingship, but also for any position of authority in Israel, neither a general nor chief over fifty people, nor chief over ten people, nor even a person appointed to verify that the water is distributed to the fields. It is superfluous to talk about a judge or a nasi, who may not be other than [one born] a Jew, as is written, 'one from among your brethren shall you set as king over you'--all the people whom you give positions of authority shall not be from other than your brethren."

However, regarding the possibility of appointing a convert to judge over Jews, the Rishonim are in disagreement. In the opinion of Rashi on Tractate Yevamot 102a, s.v. ger dan et chaveiro, a convert is allowed to judge a Jew on property matters, but not concerning capital laws (see also on Kiddushin 76b, s.v. kol mesimot.) However, in the opinion of the Rif at the end of chapter 4 of Sanhedrin, the Tosaphot on Yevamot 45b s.v.keivan and in Sanhedrin 36b s.v. chada, the Nimukei Yosef at the beginning of chapter 12 of Yevamot, the Ran on the Rif, end of chapter 4 of Sanhedrin, and the Meiri on Kiddushin there, a convert cannot judge a Jew, even on property matters, until his mother is [one born] Jewish. Thus Maimonides also ruled in The Laws of Sanhedrin, chapter 2 halacha 9: "A Beit Din of three [judges], one of them being a convert, is disqualified until his mother is [one born] Jewish." Nevertheless, a convert may judge his fellow convert, as it is explained in Yevamot 102 and as Maimonides wrote in chapter 11, halacha 11. Also the Tur and Shulchan Aruch in Choshen Mishpat, paragraph 7, wrote similarly.

It is appropriate to mention the words of the Sefer HaChinuch, commandment 509 (in other editions 498) on this subject: "The root of this commandment is well known... one appointed to authority... must be, at the very least, from the seed of Israel, for they are merciful [people] the sons of merciful [people], in order that they have mercy on the nation and not oppress them in any matter. He must love truth, righteousness, and integrity; as is known, anyone from the family of Abraham possess all these good qualities..."

It must be emphasized that this is an example of the distinction between one who comes from the seed of Israel and a righteous Gentile who converts to Judaism. Even though there may not be many such examples, this is not an exceptional case, as will be further clarified.

Schumer Sends U.S. Attorney Recommendations To Obama
Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) has formally recommended his aide Preet Bharara to head the most prestigious U.S. Attorney’s office outside of Washington, the Southern District of New York. (Yes, we know, the offices is LA and Miami might disagree with that assessment).

Schumer also recommeded the White House nominate Assistant U.S. Attorney William J. Hochul Jr. in Buffalo to lead the Western District of New York. The Hochul recommendation isWilliam Hochul leaving the Buffalo court house in 2002 after bail hearings for the "Lackawana Six." (Getty Images) something of a slap at the Bush White House; a 2008 Department of Justice Inspector General report found the Bush administration declined to promote the experienced counter-terrorism prosecutor because of his wife’s affiliation with the Democratic Party. Under the direction of then-DOJ White House liaisonMonica Goodling, a less experienced Republican was promoted over Hochul, who prosecuted the “Lackawanna Six” on charges of providing material support to al-Qaeda. The IG report didn’t name Hochul directly but called his case “the most troubling example” of politics-based hiring decision that the office had reviewed.

For the Eastern District of New York, Schumer recommended Loretta E. Lynch, who previously served as the U.S. Attorney there from 1999 to 2001. His proposed Northern District nominee is Richard Hartunian, a former Albany Sen. County Assistant District Attorney.