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Spineless Jellyfish John "Chip" Gray
and Members of New York's Not-for-Profit Legal Community
(If you have a legal issue that implicates a member of the Ashkenazi legal community, do not expect any help from them)
(Note to Governmental Funding Agencies:  You need to ensure that the Talmud's "Law of the Moser" is not used by these firms)

September 27, 2009

John "Chip" Gray
Project Director
South Brooklyn Legal Services
105 Court Street
2nd Floor
Brooklyn, NY  11201

Dear Chip:

        Two years ago around September 2007, I came to your agency looking for help.  I was a poor, disabled, middle-aged African American woman who was a victim of New York State and federal felonies that were perpetrated by my husband and his immigration attorneys.  All I needed your agency to do was to serve process of my divorce papers.  I had no plans on filing lawsuits against anyone else other than my husband at the time I came to your office.

        You eventually came out to review my divorce papers.   On page 5, 2nd paragraph of my Verified Complaint, it said "That Allen Kaye, Mr. Shapiro or someone in the law firm’s employ presented the marriage license, in its entirety, to the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service as true and correct for the purpose of the Defendant obtaining permanent residence through sponsorship by the Plaintiff."

        What ran through your mind when you saw that paragraph, Chip?  Did you think: "this is the word of a poor, socially disconnected black woman against the social, political and legal might of well-known immigration attorneys?"  Or, did you think: "as a fellow Ashkenazi I cannot report them to the authorities?"  Perhaps your considerations included the thought: "If I refuse to take the case, I can employ willful blindness/contrived ignorance and avoid the situation altogether?"  Or maybe you convinced (or deluded) yourself into believing that "my career is dependent on not destroying the status quo and maintaining a working relationship with the Ashkenazi-controlled legal and judiciary communities; sacrificing a few schvartzes as "collateral damage" may help the schvartzes I'm trying to help"; or that "I can use my discovery of the attorneys' crimes as a 'bargaining chip' later on"; or, the most obvious thought:  "She's a poor, uneducated schvartze and I'm a Jew.  I'll never get caught!"

        Whatever motivated you to refuse to help me, know that the selfish, criminal decision that resulted in your facilitating the fugitivity of my husband and his corrupt immigration attorneys was the best thing that ever happen to me.

        Let me tell you the effects of your refusal to help me, Chip: 

  • No other not-for-profit law firm would help me, thereby forcing me to learn the law on my own;
  • I created this website;
  • I forced Justice Delores Thomas to recuse herself;
  • I forced Justice Eric I. Prus to recuse himself;
  • I filed my federal lawsuit for civil rights violations;
  • I filed the subsequent appeal with the 2nd Circuit;
  • I received correspondence from T. Diane Cejka of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service dated June 12, 2009 with attachments confirming my husband's identity and his and the immigration attorneys' acts of fraud;
  • I forced Judge Sunshine to render an embarrassing last-minute decision/admission that Senator Uzamere is my husband;
  • I received correspondence from Mr. Kelleher of The White House dated July 13, flagging my case;
  • I filed my petition for a writ of certiorari to the Supreme Court of the United States;
  • I exposed New York State and New York's federal Ashkenazi judiciaries' use of the "Law of the Moser";
  • I exposed rampant corruption among members of the aforementioned judiciaries;
  • I filed 18012-2009, a New York State civil action against my husband and the attorneys who caused and/or facilitated my husband's immigration and identity fraud.

        In docket number 09-5816, attorneys Kaye and Shapiro, like the U.S. Solicitor General, the New York State Solicitor General and New York City's Corporation Counsel have waived their right to respond. Likewise, in index number 18012-2009, my husband Senator Ehigie Edobor Uzamere, immigration attorneys Allen E. Kaye, Harvey Shapiro, Bernard J. Rostanski and Jack Gladstein failed to interpose an answer and are currently awaiting Judge Schack's inevitable decision to grant my Order to Show Cause for summary judgment and default judgment pursuant to CPLR §3212CPLR §3215NYCRR §202.27.

        Surprising, eh?  Not only can I quote the law, hell...I can show you where to find it without using WestLaw, Lexis Nexis or visiting a law library and thumbing through a reporter.  Ain't you impressed, Chip?  Guess I'm not a dumb schvartze after all!!!

        On September 17, 2009, after realizing that Justice Ambrosio (who answers to Justice Schack) revised my Order to Show Cause requiring defendants to be personally served -- including the defendant in Nigeria -- thereby making it impossible for me to effect service of process, I faxed a letter of complaint to Benton Campbell, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York.  Later on I returned to court, armed with a revised order, dreading but stealing myself for a battle with the court.  After explaining to Part 72's clerk that I contacted the U.S. Attorney's office, guess what?  I did not have to submit even one piece of paper.  Part 72's staff eventually returned another revised Order to Show Cause that allowed me to effect service of process by certified mail.

        Here is a list of all the attorneys who  I have ostentatiously shamed by publicly challenging them to a legal duel, and who are incapable of mounting a successful legal defense against the irrefutable proof of their crimes that I present on my website:

  • Allen E. Kaye;
  • Harvey Shapiro;
  • Bernard J. Rostanski;
  • Jack Gladstein;
  • Eugene O. Uzamere;
  • Robert E. Juceam.

        Here is a list of all the judges who  I have ostentatiously shamed by publicly challenging them to a legal duel, and who are incapable of mounting a successful legal defense against the irrefutable proof of their crimes that I present on my website:

  • The Honorable Delores Thomas;
  • The Honorable Eric I. Prus;
  • The Honorable Jeffrey S. Sunshine;
  • The Honorable Nicholas G. Garaufis, (EDNY); 
  • The Honorable Leonard B. Sand (SDNY);
  • The Honorable José Cabranes (Court of Appeals/2nd Circuit).

        In short, Chip, I have become a one-woman-army.  If your refusal to assist me in effecting service of my divorce action was to protect fellow Ashkenazim Allen Kaye and Harvey Shapiro, you wasted you goddamn time.  In addition, I no longer need (or want) assistance from any member of the Ashkenazi legal or judicial community.  Since my discovery of the Talmudic doctrine regarding the Law of the Moser, I have no logical reason to trust any member of the Ashkenazim legal and judicial communities or their obsequious goy slaves.

        Congratulations, Chip!  Your violation of 18 U.S.C. §4, misprision of felony statute by refusing to report corrupt immigration attorneys Allen E. Kaye and Harvey Shapiro, and your shameless (and useless) attempt at willful blindness/contrived ignorance has earned you the dubious distinction of King of Spineless Jellyfishes!

         If I am granted an audience by the U.S. Supreme Court, I will ensure that your name, along with the name of all those placed on my list of spineless, amoral jellyfishes are given dishonorable mention, along with a free, lifetime membership to my website's Hall of Shame!

        Again, congratulations, loser!