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Schvartze's Complaints Still Ignored By Appellate Division's White Judiciary77. More Talmudic Bias and Anti-Schvartze Racism At SDNY78. Senator Uzamere...You Are The Husband!79. Will U.S. Solicitor General Office Look On Idly?80. What will SCOTUS Do?81. Why did they disobey?82. Cabranes' Fraud Upon The Court83. Is Hinds-Radix Their 'Secret' Weapon?84. New York State Lawsuit for Fraud85. Judge Sunshine Is A Loser86. Judge Sunshine Out of Options87. Petitioner Prepares Request for Rehearing...88. Petition for Rehearing89. Loser Sunshine's Last Hurrah90. Lawsuit Against Daily News and Scott Shifrel91. Mort Zuckerman's Bigoted Tabloid92. Corruption at Nassau County Supreme Court and Nassau County Clerk93. Judge Scuccimarra Ruling94. Defendants Have Defaulted95. Will Judge Parga Accepts Anne Carroll's Drivel Because Defendants Are Rich Jews?96. New York and Anne B. Carroll97. Lawsuit Against President98. Will Obama Listen?99. Open Letter to Al Jazeera, President Obama and Judge Allegra100. More Court Shenanigans?101. Howard U. Schmokescreen102. Into the fire...103. What Will The New York State Division of Human Rights Do?104. Housing Court Corruption105. Mayor Bloomberg's Finest106. FEGS in Criminal Conspiracy107. FEGS Gave Victim No Choice108. What Will The New York State Supreme Court Do?109. What Will Court of Claims Do?110. Abuse of Religion Not New111. How Wicked Are They?112. What Lies???113. Federal Lawsuit114. Disastrous Results to Appeal115. Judge Garaufis' Discriminatory Decision116. Garaufis' Talmudic Shenanigans117. FOIA Hiding Evidence118. Congressional Testimony119. Unintelligible Complaint of Rachel G. Yohalem120. Uzamere v. USA, et al121. Judicial Whores Willy and Patty122. Uzamere v. USA123. Find an Unbiased Court124. U.S. Government Blacklists Own Citizens125. Appellate Brief First Circuit126. U.S. Government Hides Prosecution127. A Jewish RICO128. Jews' Demonic Doctrine -- Law of the Moser129. Mishkin Yanks His Own Nuts130. Will African American Victim of Grand Laceny Receive Justice?131. Judicial Ethics Hypocrite132. Jew Shenanigans Involved in Random Selection of Morally Compromised Judge133. Please save my family!134. Psychopaths135. Jewish Paradigm Put Jews on Top136. Pretender Bharara137. Int'l Complaint Against Israel, United States and Nigeria138. Memorial of Impeachment139. A Real Man

Anti-Schvartze, Talmud-Oriented Bigot Judge Sunshine Continues Reign of Terror Against Schvartze Family
Greed Rationalized by Euro-Judaic, Anti-Schvartze Racism Fuels Judge Sunshine's Continued Adjournments For No-Show Defendant Senator Uzamere
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Appointed by Talmud Loyalist Michael Bloomberg
Protected by Talmud Loyalist Thomas A. Klonick

1209 Loring Avenue
Apt. 6B
Brooklyn, NY 11208
Tel.: (718) 647-1708
Fax: (267) 543-3317



Click here for msg to Judge Prus



The Honorable Barack H. Obama, President of the United States
The Honorable Eric Holder, U.S. Attorney
Loretta King, Assistant Attorney General *
Joseph H. Demarest, Jr., Asst. Director in Charge, FBI, NYC**
Sheldon Whitehouse, U.S. Senator, Admin. Oversight Cmte.***
Charles E. Schumer, U.S. Senator, Admin. Oversight Cmte.
The Honorable Jeffrey S. Sunshine****
The Honorable Eric I. Prus****
The Honorable Delores Thomas (c/o Judge Sunshine)****




 Allegation of Bribe Acceptance by Judges Sunshine and Prus, Allegation that Judge Thomas Was Illegally Influenced to drop my case; Allegation that Judges Sunshine and Prus have rationalized accepting bribes from my husband based on Halachic, Anti-Schvartze Racism and Halachic doctrine not to report the crimes of fellow Jews to gentile authorities (see attached/written by Rabbi David Chayyim).


March 29, 2009

Dear Mr. President:

I have taken so much abuse from these racist, law-breaking sons-of-dogs that that thought of disguising myself and killing them with a knife in their backs is comforting to me. I don't want to be like them and break the law. How else can I make you understand how much emotional pain the violation of my civil and constitutional rights have caused me to suffer?  For thirty years I have obeyed the law and filed complaints with the appropriate agencies but nothing has worked.

This is the last time I ask you before I take the law into my own hands. 30 fuckin' years of having my rights violated by schvartze-hating Jews is enough.

Thanks for listening.


* Allegation re violation of my 1st, 5th and 14th Amendment rights by Judge Jeffrey S. Sunshine, Judge Eric I. Prus and Judge Delores Thomas.
**Allegation re acceptance of bribes by Judge Sunshine, Judge Prus and Judge Thomas in violation of 18 USC §201.
***Allegation that Euro-Judaism promotes oppression of schvartzes, prohibits Jews from reporting the crimes of other Jews to gentile authorities. I have forwarded this information to Chuck Schumer, but I do not believe he will do shit because his religion does not allow him to report Jews to protect goy.
****See you in federal court. Sunshine and Prus, I hope you can explain to a federal judge the legal rationale for continually adjourning a divorce action over two years on behalf of a defendant who never interposed an answer, never showed up and never submitted any notarized affidavit. Sunshine, I also hope you can explain to a federal judge why you accepted an authenticated fraudulent foreign document and referred to it as “genuine.”

March 29, 2009


The Honorable Barack H. Obama
President of the United States
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, D.C.  20500

Dear Mr. President:

votepicture.jpgThis is a picture that I took the moment after I voted for you.  I was so proud of you and so proud of myself for voting that I made a point to memorialize my vote for posterity.  I also believed that because you are a renowned expert of the U.S. Constitution, one of the most, if not the most inspired legal writing next to the Torah, your administration would be instrumental in ending the legal nightmare that started with the commission of a crime by Allen E. Kaye and Harvey Shapiro, immigration attorneys whose religious culture advocates the enslavement/oppression of schvartzes, and whose religion boasts having several members in positions of great governmental power who continue to violate my constitutional rights and oppress my family.

doron.jpg jackiemason.jpgDo you remember Doron Braunshtein and Jackie Mason, Mr. President?  Doron is the Jewish man who made the "Obama is my slave" t-shirt.  Jackie is the Jewish man who called you a "schvartze."  Do you believe that Doron and Jackie are the only European Jews who presently have more power to publicly spew their racist ideology about you than you have to defend against it -- even as President of the United States?  Do you realize how utterly powerless you are against people who think this way?

You are not alone.  Like you, I have been subjected to Euro-Judaic, anti-schvartze racism.  And like many schvartzes whose rights have been violated by Jewish men in position of great power, when I filed complaints against men like Allen Kaye and Robert Juceam, they called me "anti-Semitic" in an obvious attempt to hide their crimes against me, marshall up others to fight against me, and eventually, coerce my silence.

Unfortunately, for many helpless schvartzes, the Halchic doctrine regarding inferiority of black people is shared by many European Jews in positions of governmental power whose rationalization of the doctrine allows them to violate the rights of African Americans with impunity.  That is my current problem.

Ever since Allen E. Kaye and Harvey Shapiro, my husband's corrupt immigration attorneys taught my husband how to take on a fictitious identity to marry me to obtain permanent residence and abscond, leaving me pregnant with our daughter and with no money, every municipal, state and federal agency with which I have filed a complaint has found a way to sweep Allen Kaye's and Harvey Shapiro's aiding and abetting of my husband's marriage and identity fraud under the table.  As of this moment, I am engaged in a legal battle which has gone on for nearly two years, with adjournment after adjournment, although my husband has never interposed an answer, never appeared in court, never submitted a signed document.

How does a court case continue for so long when the defendant has never interposed an answer -- and when statutory law and case support the Court's requirement to declare a default against the non-appearing party?

See the attached for yourself, Mr. President -- or would the name "schvartze" uttered by  funny, er, um, I mean corny racist Jackie Mason suffice?



Cheryl D. Uzamere

Bribery of Public Officials and Witnesses

March 29, 2009


Joseph M. Demarest, Jr.
Assistant Director in Charge
FBI New York
26 Federal Plaza
23rd Floor
New York, New York 10278-0004

Dear Mr. Demarest:

        Can you logically present any legal rationale that allows a New York State Supreme Court justice to, over a two-year period, continually adjourns a divorce action on behalf of a defendant who has never interposed an answer, never appeared in court, never provided even one signed and notarized affidavit and never produced a retainer agreement as proof that he is represented by counsel?

        Based on the legal rationale of the New York Codes, Rules and Regulations, it is standard procedure for judges to declare default judgment on a party who does not appear and who does not provide the court with reasonable and meritorious reasons for not appearing.  It is also standard procedure for judges to draw an inference favorable to the adverse party in the event that a party fails to comply with NYCRR's provisions regarding the preliminary conference.

        Based on the above, I believe that Judge Delores Thomas, Judge Eric Prus and Judge Jeffrey S. Sanders of Kings County Supreme Court have illegally accepted compensation from my husband in exchange for allowing my husband to absent himself from the divorce action by continually adjourning the case, although my husband has provided the court with no reasonable excuse or meritorious defense for his absence.  This conduct violates my civil and constitutional rights based on the First, Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments regarding my right to redress grievances to the government, my right to due process and my right to equal protection under the law.  In addition, the aforesaid judges' conduct violates Title 18 of the U.S. Code regarding bribery of public officials.

        Ever since I reported immigration attorneys Allen E. Kaye and Harvey Shapiro for aiding and abetting my husband's acts of immigration and identity fraud, several members of the Jewish community in governmental positions have ignored my requests to investigate them, based on what I believe to be the Halachic/Euro-Judaic belief of the Talmud's Abodah Zarah 26b that Jews must not report the crimes of other Jews to gentile authorities.

        These individuals include, but are not limited to:

  • Lynden Melmed, Chief Counsel, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service;
  • Michael Mukasey, Former U.S. Attorney General, U.S. Dept. of Justice
  • Michael Chertoff, Former Secretary, U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security
  • Judge Nicholas Garaufis, Federal Court, Eastern District of New York
  • Charles Schumer, U.S. Senator, New York State
  • Thomas A. Klonick, New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct;
  • Alan Friedberg, Chief Counsel, New York State Departmental Disciplinary Committee, 1st Judicial Department;
  • Michael Bloomberg, Mayor, City of New York;
  • Robert Morgenthau, New York County District Attorney's Office;
  • Charles Hynes, Brooklyn District Attorney's Office
  • Judge Abraham Gerges, Interim Administrative Judge, New York Supreme Court, Kings County;
  • Sheldon Silver, Speaker, New York State Senate

        I have forward a copy of this correspondence to President Obama in the hope that you have not been influenced to violate the law or my rights.  In addition, I have uploaded this letter to the internet so that the world will know how, in spite of Mr. Obama's good intentions, administration responds to the needs of U.S. citizens, especially those like me who voted for him and contributed a portion of our fixed incomes to his campaign.

        Please ensure that Judges Thomas, Prus and Sanders end this reign of terror that has deprived my family of much need money and deprived my daughter and I of our legal right to bear my husband African name.

        Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.



Cheryl D. Uzamere


Copies to:

The Honorable Barack H. Obama, President of the United States (202-456-2461[f])
The Honorable Eric Holder, U.S. Attorney General, U.S. Department of Justice (202-514-4507[f])
Loretta King, Acting Assistant Attorney General, Civil Rights Division, U.S. Department of Justice (202-514-0293[f])
Sheldon Whitehouse, Ranking Member, Administrative Oversight and the Courts (202-228-0464[f])
Charles E. Schumer, Member, Administrative Oversight and the Courts (212-486-7693]f])


18 USC §201-Bribery of Public Officials

For the purpose of this section:

(2) The term “person who has been selected to be a public official” means any person who has been nominated or appointed to be a public official, or has been officially informed that such person will be so nominated or appointed;

(3) the term “official act” means any decision or action on any question, matter, cause, suit, proceeding or controversy, which may at any time be pending, or which may by law be brought before any public official, in such official’s official capacity, or in such official’s place of trust or profit.

(b) Whoever—

(2) being a public official or person selected to be a public official, directly or indirectly, corruptly demands, seeks, receives, accepts, or agrees to receive or accept anything of value personally or for any other person or entity, in return for:

(4) directly or indirectly, corruptly demands, seeks, receives, accepts, or agrees to receive or accept anything of value personally or for any other person or entity in return for being influenced in testimony under oath or affirmation as a witness upon any such trial, hearing, or other proceeding, or in return for absenting himself therefrom;

shall be fined under this title or not more than three times the monetary equivalent of the thing of value, whichever is greater, or imprisoned for not more than fifteen years, or both, and may be disqualified from holding any office of honor, trust, or profit under the United States.

(c) Whoever—

(3) directly or indirectly, demands, seeks, receives, accepts, or agrees to receive or accept anything of value personally for or because of the testimony under oath or affirmation given or to be given by such person as a witness upon any such trial, hearing, or other proceeding, or for or because of such person’s absence therefrom;

shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for not more than two years, or both. 


Comparison of U.S. Constitution That
Judges Are Required To Enforce and
Halachic Law That Judge Sunshine Uses
To Rationalize His Greed
(What is Judge Sunshine's Legal Rationale For Continually Adjourning the Divorce Action For A Defendant Who Has Refused To Appear For Almost Two Years?)

The Justice/Equality of
NYS Statutes That Obey
the U.S. Constitution

The Injustice/Inequality/Racism
Euro-Judaic Halachic Law
(Talmudic Legal Interpretation)

Halacha: The legal part of Talmudic literature. (Please note:  The following are views of members of the Euro-Judaic community only.)

   "...R' Bar-Chayim discusses "Gentiles" the Halacha and comes to an unambiguous conclusion: "...a clear distinction between a Jew, who is defined as 'man,' and a Gentile...any notion of equality between human beings is irrelevant to the Halacha. R' Bar-Chayim's work...refutes the statements...that Judaism does not discriminate against people on religious grounds.

Parties' Default (NYCRR 202.27)
Statutory and Case Law That Support Declaration of Default In Favor of Plaintiff

goldrightarrow.gifDefault Judgment For Defendant's Lack of Appearance: If the plaintiff appears but the defendant does not, the judge may grant judgment by default...(statutory law).

goldrightarrow.gifDefendant's Default Judgment Vacated Only If Excuse Is Meritorious: Ordinarily, where court grants judgment to plaintiff based upon defendant's default in appearing at conference, default may be vacated only if defendant can demonstrate both reasonable excuse for default in appearing and meritorious defense. Tragni v. Tragni, 21 A.D.3d 1084, 803 N.Y.S.2d 617 (2d Dep't 2005)(case law).

goldrightarrow.gifDefendant's Failure To Appear Constitutes Unappealable Default Judgment: Defendant's failure to appear at a pretrial conference in a personal injury action constituted an unappealable default judgment. Brannigan v. Dubuque, 199 A.D.2d 851, 606 N.Y.S.2d 401 (3d Dep't 1993)(case law).

Preliminary Conference (NYCRR 202.16)

goldrightarrow.gifParties and Attorneys Appearances Mandatory:  In matrimonial action, court held that pursuant to 22 NYCRR § 202.16(f), parties must appear with their attorneys at preliminary conference which was required under this section. Qi v. Ng, 166 Misc. 2d 195, 632 N.Y.S.2d 757 (Sup 1995) (case law).

goldrightarrow.gifParties' Counsel Must Submit Retainer Agreement: A signed copy of the attorney's retainer agreement with the client shall accompany the statement of net worth filed with the court, and the court shall examine the agreement to assure that it conforms to Appellate Division attorney conduct and disciplinary rules. Where substitution of counsel occurs after the filing with the court of the net worth statement, a signed copy of the attorney's retainer agreement shall be filed with the court within 10 days of its execution.(statutory)

goldrightarrow.gifJudge May Rule in Adverse Party's Favor for Failure To Comply: The failure to comply with the provisions of this subdivision shall be good cause, in the discretion of the judge draw an inference favorable to the adverse party with respect to any disputed fact or issue affected by such failure.(statutory)

Judge Sunshine Rationale:  Halachic law teaches that plaintiff and her daughter are gentiles, schvartzes, niggers, animals so I can hate them and oppress them.

Judge Sunshine's real motivation:  Plaintiff's rich husband is paying me off.

goldrightarrow.gifA Jew's exempt from liability if his property causes damage to a Gentile's property. But if a Gentile's property causes damage to a Jew's property, the Gentile is liable.

goldrightarrow.gifA Jew is banned from returning a lost item to a Gentile if the reason for returning it is one's sympathy towards the Gentile and compassion for him.

goldrightarrow.gifA Jew who hurts or injures a Gentile is not liable for compensation of damage, but a Gentile who hurts a Jew is liable to death.

goldrightarrow.gifStealing or deceiving a Gentile is permitted.

goldrightarrow.gifThe prohibition to hate applies only to Jews; one may hate a Gentile.

goldrightarrow.gifOne may take revenge against or bear a grudge towards Gentiles; likewise, the commandment "love your neighbor" applies only to Jews, not to Gentiles.

goldrightarrow.gifGentiles are likened to animals.

The Anti-Gentile Teachings of the Talmud
(As explained by European Jews themselves)


Corrupt Judge Sunshine Admits That "Defendant Has Failed To Interpose An Answer"

Since This Is The Case, Why The Hell Does Judge Sunshine Continue To Adjourn The Case For A Defendant Who Has Never Answered Or Appeared In Court?

Could Greed, Rationalized by Anti-Schvartze Racism Be The Motivating Factor?