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        What do Senator Ehigie Uzamere and some 9/11 terrorists have in common?

        Both Senator Uzamere and some of the 9/11 terrorists obtained permanent residence in the United States through marriage ( with the assistance of immigration attorneys.

        Any federally-mandated program that helps to create even ONE 9/11 incident should be seriously scrutinized for the purpose of immediate abolishment.

        Many Americans learn the hard way how dishonest some foreigners can be in their desperation to obtain permanent residence in the United States. Even the worse of food tastes like ambrosia when one is gripped with hunger -- a "hunger" that quickly vanishes the minute unscrupulous foreigners obtain the "green card." Quite a few are so unscrupulous that they violate U.S. law -- and break their spouses' hearts.

        According to some statistics, between 50-70% of all green card marriages in the United States are fraudulent.  While this does not imply that marriages between green-card-seeking foreigners and benevolent American citizens cannot work, based on the inherent risks associated with sponsoring a green-card-challenged foreigner, this aspect of immigration law should be abolished forever so as not to create a burden for the average, run-of-the-mill naive American citizen who does not know immigration law and whose lack of knowledge is exacerbated by immigration practitioners and federal agencies that are not forthright.

        "TripleThreat Alliance" -- Dishonesty of Illegal Immigrants, Immigration Practitioners and USCIS

        For many Americans, the thought of Anna Nicole Smith, a pretty but penniless woman who married a 89-year-old multimillionaire is that she was "a gold digger looking to get paid."  While the man she married apparently had the sense of mind and the money to make the choice to marry her, she was still viewed by the public as a dishonest "gold digger" who married for money and not for love.

        The situation that exists between American citizens who sponsor green-card-challenged foreigners is not just similar -- it is far worse, especially when one considers the way in which immigration issues are presented to naive American citizens by illegal immigrants, immigration practitioners and the United States Citizenship and Naturalization Service.

        What inherent disadvantages do illegal immigrants, immigration practitioners and USCIS hide from American citizens who marry green-card-challenged foreigners?

        Singling Out of Potential Victims Based on Victims' Race/Other Social Stigmas -- While no American citizen is immune from the being targeted by unscrupulous, attorney-prepped, green-card-hungry foreigners, there are Americans who are singled out because of the societal stigma attached to their physical appearance or other societally unpleasing aesthetic feature.  While the United States prides itself on being democratic, politically correct society, there is a social pecking order that makes marrying a politically connected Jewish person for a green card less appealing than marrying a politically unconnected, near-destitute-but-employed African American single mother with children.  While many will refuse to acknowledge this truth, United States responds faster and with more force to the complaints of Jewish people than to the complaints of non-foreign, poor African Americans, fat people and poor people in general.

        As in my case, after 28 years of begging various governmental agencies to help me bring my husband to justice, virtually none have volunteered to investigate my allegations.  Had it not not been for the serendipitous finding of the Affidavit for Application to Marry,  I would still be waiting for the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service to find the I-130 I signed to sponsor my husband, and I would still have no proof that that names  "Godwin Uzamere" and "Ehigie Edobor Uzamere" belong to one and the same person.

        Green card sponsorship through marriage exacerbates racism and other forms of societal bigotry by allowing green-card-hungry, immigration-attorney-prepped, predatorial foreigners to obtain their "prey" from groups who have been forcibly relegated to being pariahs.  Once members of these groups have been abused, they are, for the most part, ignored by their scheming foreign spouses, the scheming immigration attorney and those federal agencies with whom victims from the pariah groups file complaints.

        Lack of knowledge of the person's past in the person's home country -- How did the foreigner live? Where did the foreigner live? Did the foreigner have serious issues in his/her home country? An American citizen can use an internet search program in the United States. Western European is also industrialized enough to perform internet searches on individuals. Can such a search be performed in corrupt countries like Nigeria? In most cases, the answer is no.

       Federal Privacy Act -- Even if you are married, you will never have access to any of the foreigner's records unless he/she gives the federal agency to right to allow you to view his/her records.

        Lack of access to the foreigner's records in the foreigner's home country -- Unless the American citizen is familiar with bureaucratic protocol in the foreigner's country, the American has no access to the foreigner's records.

        Lack of knowledge of the foreigner's culture -- What are the cultural norms of the prospective spouse? Is the spouse from a culture that Americans...Jews...people who are gay? While these issues may not seem important, opposing views on this and other cultural issues can interfere with marriage.

        Inability to speak the foreigner's language -- This is self-explantory. Even though the United States is predominately English-speaking country, foreigners are no different than anyone else. Few are willing to give up the culture of their countries, and language is the verbal extension of a person's culture. Can an American spouse feel comfortable and at ease in a room full of people speaking the foreign spouse's language and nothing else?

        Problems associated with the foreigner's government's diplomatic relationship with the United States -- If the foreign spouse violates a law in the American citizen's country, kidnaps a child of the marriage, what is the foreign spouse's home country's relationship with the United States? One of the worse things for an American citizen to experience is when the foreign spouse violates the law and absconds to his/her home country and the foreign spouse's home country is uncooperative toward the American citizen.

        Problems associated with the foreigner's home country's relationship with international organizations like The Hague Conference on Private International Affairs  -- Currently there are about 69 nations who are members of The Hague's Conference on Private International Law (The Hague's Conference on Private International Law. While the member nations do not agree on everything, there is some level of order with regard to settling basic legal matters like child support, service of process, enforcement of decisions dealing with maintenance, etc. Is the foreign spouse's country a member of The Hague? Does the American citizen know how to serve the foreign spouse with divorce papers if the spouse decides to return to his/her home? What if the foreign spouse takes the child of the marriage to his/her home country? Would the foreign spouse's country cooperate with the United States?

        Foreigner's ability to claim that he/she was assaulted by the American citizen without providing proof -- Most Americans do not know that foreign spouses who apply for permanent residence can expedite their requests by accusing their American spouses of domestic abuse. What is even worse is that the American spouse does not even know that the foreign spouse has filed a complaint against him/her with immigration -- a complaint against which the American spouse cannot defend him/herself (see

        American citizen is financially responsible for the foreigner for the next 10 years -- One act of dishonesty that I am sure is prevalent with green-card-challenged foreigners is their refusal to tell the American sponsor that he/she is financially responsible for the sponsee for the next 10 years. If the sponsee becomes sick, loses a job or experiences some other economic disaster, the U.S. government makes certain that the sponsee cannot be found eligible for any economic benefits granted to poverty-stricken Americans.

        When a green-card-challenged foreigner approaches an American citizen for marriage, where the law is concerned, he/she is not just looking for sponsorship for permanent residence.  He/she is also asking for unfettered access to the American citizen's wallet for the next 10 years -- even if the marriage ends in divorce before the 10 years are up.

        Another question:  How many foreigners, after obtaining legal residence in the United States marry broke-ass American citizens?

        Think about it.

        An American spouse's relationship with a green-card-challenged spouse is adverserial on its face. Many green-card-challenged foreigners have an unfair advantage when commencing a relationship with an American citizen:  they have attorneys.  While some may have just an immigration attorney, many have law firms that specialize in more than just one area.  This translates into thousand of Americans who are legally "unarmed" against an onslaught of green-card-challenged foreigners who, when approaching the American citizen are "fully armed" where the law is concerned.

        Green-card-challenged foreigners, immigration practitioners and the United States Department of Homeland Security will be up in arms over the suggestion that permanent residence sponsorship through marriage be abolished.

        Below are their reasons disagreeing, along with reasons supporting the abolishment of "green-card" sponsorship through marriage:

        Triple Threat Alliance's Rationale --  "You can't control who you love."  "Marriage is an institution that is not regulated by the federal government."

        American Citizens' Response -- You can control who you sponsor.  If you wish to marry an illegal alien, you can do so, but don't sponsor one.  And while marriage is an institution that is not regulated by the federal government, the burden of controlling the borders must remain the sole responsibility of the American government, not its legally-inept citizenry.

        Triple-Threat Alliance's Rationale -- "Marrying a green-card-challenged foreigner without sponsoring him/her is unjust."

        American Citizen Response -- It is unjust, but that's the choice of the green-card-seeking foreigner.  There are several companies, corporations and private citizens who hire illegal aliens for inexpensive day labor.  The illegal aliens are not paid a lot of money.  They receive no benefits from their employers.  And most employers do not sponsor them for legal residence.  The employers are smart enough not to take on the risks and responsibilities associated with sponsorship of illegal aliens...but then employers, like many green-card-seeking foreigners, have attorneys.

        There are instances where illegal aliens who are construction workers, have suffered some type of accident on the job.  The employer washes his hands of the situation, sometimes under the threat of exposing the illegal alien to immigration authorities.  There are a few instances where illegal immigrants who provide daycare services for a couple's children also providing "bed care" services for the boss.

        In either case, green-card-challenged foreigners do not complain.  They have made a conscious choice to accept the abuse.  They go in with their eyes open.  As the old adage goes:  "there is no honor among thieves."

        American citizens on the other hand, when marrying green-card-sponsored  foreigners do not make an active choice regarding acceptance of the risks and responsibilities associated with sponsoring green-card-challenged foreigners because most have no exposure to immigration issues during the entire course of their normal lives and because those involved in the immigration industry do not tell them.

        On the surface, it appears that the United States and immigration practitioners have worked on a way to ensure that some illegal aliens who work for companies that do not provide basic benefits that are provided to many American citizens find the perfect way to obtain those benefits -- by encouraging them to marry American citizens.  The practice of duping naive American citizens into take on the risks and benefits associated with sponsoring illegal aliens through marriage has turned the United States into a nation brimming with foreigners who see American citizens as sheep-like idiots (view discussion boards of American Immigration, LLC at

        The "Triple Threat Alliance", that is, green-card-challenged foreigners, immigration practitioners and the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service have shown themselves to be disloyal to American interests and disloyal to Americans.  That is why New York City now has a gaping hole where there used to stand the 2nd tallest buildings in the world, and a burgeoning welfare debt that is exacerbated by children of formerly-green-card-challenged foreigners who abandon their American born children and leave them and their American parents with nothing.  Permanent residence though marriage is the worst immigration policy that exists in the United States.  The "Triple Threat Alliance" has never been honest with American citizens, nor will it ever be.  By entering your name on the contact information page and by allowing your name to be placed on my list of concerned citizens who want to protect U.S. borders, you will help send a strong message to unscrupulous immigration attorneys and lax federal agencies that we Americans will no longer allow our love, trust and resources to be used as weapons against us.

        We Americans will fight and we will win!

        Abolish permanent residence sponsorship through marriage once and for all.