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NYCHA uses Mental Disability to Proceed with
Eviction Action Against Identity Fraud Victim
(Arrogant nigger has the nerve to defend herself against us white
and Ashkenazi supremacists -- surely she has a mental defect
Knowledge of the law and the courage to use it against racist whites and racist Ashkenazim)
Corrupt att'y
Allen E. Kaye
Michael F. Hogan
John B. Rhea
Supervising Judge
John S. Lansden 
Identity fraud
Housing Court Judge
Maria Milin 
Robert Doar
Corrupt att'y
Jack Gladstein
Presentation of falsified affidavit of conspicuous service (no proof of article number for certified mail; affidavit of service not stamped by notary);
NYSOMH Commissioner Michael F. Hogan sits and does nothing while municipal agencies  conspire to take control of litigant's money and then place litigant in a psychiatric center in violation of Judge Garaufis' order to end warehousing of the mentally ill;
NYCHA Chair John A. Rhea sits and does nothing as NYCHA attorney Sonya M. Kaloyanides and project manager Eugene Melfa prepare final order of eviction based on ligitant's having a mental illness;
NYCHRA Commissioner Robert Doar sits and does nothing as director of litigant's local welfare center refuses litigant's request for a one-shot deal;
NYCHA Commissioner Robert Doar does nothing as APS caseworker prepares "Notice of Attempted Visit" although caseworker visited with identity fraud victim about 30 minutes.


Cheryl D. Uzamere
1209 Loring Avenue, Apt. 6B
Brooklyn, NY 11208
Tel.: (718) 647-1708
Fax: (347) 227-0118
Cell: (347) 596-2165




Office Number

Fax Number

Michael J.Astrue, Commission, SSA
Miguel A. Torrado, Dir., OCREO, SSA
Beatrice M. Disman, Reg'l Dir, NYC Office, SSA
Sharon Knight, Cypress Hills, Office, SSA
Michael Carter, Reg'l Dir., Civil Rights, USDHHS
Elizabeth Ortiz-Feliciano, NYSDHR
Robert Doar, Commissioner, NYCHRA
John B. Rhea, Chairman, NYCHA
Eugene Melfa, Housing Manger, NYCHA
Gbenga Akindejoye, Caseworker, APS, NYCHRA


New York State and New York City's Jewish employees' attempt to misdiagnose me as mentally unfit so as to control my money so that I cannot pay for my appeal against the four (4) Jewish attorneys who facilitated immigration and identity fraud against me and my daughter Tara


November 19, 2010

See attached.

Special notice to Mr. Ortiz-Feliciano: This is a complaint against the following individuals: New York City Human Resources Administration; New York City Housing Authority; Allen E. Kaye; Harvey Shapiro; Bernard J. Rostanski; Jack Gladstein; the Daily News and staff writer Scott Shifrel.

I have pending legal actions against Allen E. Kaye, Harvey Shapiro, Bernard J. Rostanski, Jack Gladstein, Ehigie Edobor Uzamere, the Daily News and staff writer Scott Shifrel; however, I did not charge them with retaliation in the lawsuits. If the legal doctrines res judicata or collateral estoppel are successfully used by them to prevent your office from charging them with retaliation, I respectfully ask that you call upon them as witnesses. If used, claim preclusion and issue preclusion would prevent them from being litigants/respondents. The aforementioned legal doctrines would not prevent them from being witnesses.

I respectfully allege that as with the first complaint I filed with you, I am a victim of a conspiracy designed to intentionally misdiagnose me as mentally unfit, to separate me from my only source of income and to render me homeless in order to to prevent me from paying to prosecute my appeal against corrupt attorneys Allen E. Kaye, Harvey Shapiro, Bernard J. Rostanski and Jack Gladstein, the attorneys who facilitated my ex-husband Senator Ehigie Edobor Uzamere's commission of immigration fraud and identity fraud.

The NYCDHR forms for my complaint are at the end of this document.

Thank you.

New York Times Article Regarding Judge Garaufis decision and order regarding individuals who have mental illness


Federal Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis' Decision that congregate
homes for mentally ill individuals is unconstitutional


Federal Law:
"A public entity shall administer services, programs, and activities in the most integrated setting appropriate to the needs of qualified individuals with disabilities"


 Yellow Bouncing Right Arrow
Yellow Bouncing Right Arrow
Yellow Bouncing Left Arrow 3
Yellow Bouncing Left Arrow 3

The real reason for Judge Milin's Court's discriminatory invoke the
Talmudic Law of the Moser to prevent mentally ill litigant from filing her complaint
against the corrupt attorneys that facilitated their client's identity fraud


Correspondence to Commissioner Astrue regarding plan to forcibly
hospitalize identity fraud victim solely based on status of having
a mental illnes

November 19, 2010


Michael J. Astrue
Social Security Administration
SSA Press Office
440 Altmeyer Building
6401 Security Blvd.
Baltimore, MD 21235

Dear Mr. Astrue:

Attached please find a notice from the New York City Human Resources Adult Protective Services that indicates that the worker, Gbenga Akindejoye made an attempt to visit my apartment. This is not accurate. Mr. Akindejoye did not just make an attempt to visit me. He was in my apartment for approximately thirty (30) minutes. Mr. Akindejoye is between 5'4”-5'5”. He wore business attire, including a dark coat that reached to his shins.

I am a recipient of social security disability insurance and supplemental security insurance, and that these are my only sources of income. I am also an immigration fraud and identity fraud victim of Senator Ehigie Edobor Uzamere, a Nigerian man who married me, took advantage of my having a mentally illness by tricking me into signing the I-130 immediate relative form so that he could obtain a green card. He abandoned me while I was pregnant with his daughter Tara.

I respectfully reallege that I am a victim of a conspiracy designed to separate me from my only source of income, to prevent me from paying to prosecute my appeal against attorneys Allen E. Kaye, Harvey Shapiro, Bernard J. Rostanski and Jack Gladstein, the attorneys who facilitated my ex-husband's commission of immigration fraud and identity fraud. These men used several governmental employees, including “one courthouse source” (as is stated in the Daily News article dated November 5, 2009, attached) to discredit my lawsuit against the aforementioned attorneys by having Daily News and staff writer Scott Shifrel disclose my HIPAA-protected individually identifiable health information to the public. New York City's next move is to evict me for having a mental illness (see attached) and place me in a mental institution. If I am placed in a mental institution as a homeless person, the psychiatric facility cannot release me until I have adequate housing. This means that I will never be able to file my appeal, because I will never be able to get out. I am terrified.

I attached irrefutable proof of my allegations so that you can see that I am telling the truth.

Why would New York City's Adult Protective Services worker fill out a form stating that he attempted to visit my apartment when I let him in and spoke with him? Why would he do this?

Please do not play into this conspiracy. I have a First Amendment right to petition the government for a redress of grievances, I have a Fifth Amendment right to due process under the law and I have a Fourteenth Amendment to equal protection under the law. The State of New York's and the City of New York's use of my status of having a mental illness to evict me is illegal as it violates the Federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

Please do not allow the State of New York and the City of New York to deprive me of my right control my own money as a means to prevent me to prosecute my appeal against my ex-husband and the four (4) attorneys that defrauded me.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to review my request.



Cheryl D. Uzamere


Attempted visit? This is a goddman lie. Mr. Akindejoye was in my apartment about 30 minutes


New York City Housing Authority's plan to evict me because I have a mental illness
(Please note: there is no mention that I am a danger to myself and others, just that I am mentally ill.  Also, I did not authorize NYCHA to disclose information regarding my disability.  Why did NYCHA disclose my HIPAA-protected health information to the court?)


The Truth...
USCIS identifies Senator Ehigie Uzamere as my husband


The Truth...
USCIS identifies Ehigie Uzamere as our daughter's father


The Truth...
Tara's affidavit confirms my allegations
(p.s. Tara is a NYS registered nurse)


The Truth...
New York State Supreme Court Judge Sunshine's decision that Ehigie Edobor Uzamere is my husband


Fake (as in unauthenticated, unnotarized) counter-affidavit
used by Senator Uzamere